Sweet… Sydney GTS37

Sydney Yachts har alltid producerat sweeta båtar, och nya Sydney GTS37 ser inte ut att vara ett undantag. I samma anda som Santa Cruz 37 och J/111 så håller man en moderat bredd, men här har man en något tyngre båt vilket borde göra att den mäter bättre. Även inredningsmässigt liknar båtarna varandra med en relativt öppen planlösning.

11.36 * 3.52 * 2.30 m
Displacement Empty: 5350 kg


Designers Comments

The Sydney 37 commission represents our first opportunity to bring the tools and knowledge gained through the research work at the start of the 33rd Americas Cup, to a cruiser racer. The result is a hull form with powerful sections when heeled but more moderate wetted area when upright. Our philosophy with IRC yachts has increasingly been towards lighter faster boats that are fun to sail but also exceedingly competitive in handicap racing. This lighter displacement allows our designs to not only be competitive in the 8 to 14kts wind range, but also at the extremes, which makes our designs particularly noted for their all-round performance, the Sydney GTS 37 will be no exception and in terms of hydrodynamics this is a very “long” 37 footer, offering sprightly performance downwind,

Deck layout – Twin wheels allow easy access through the cockpit from the wheels, while also providing the helmsman with a great view of the telltales and the waves in front of the boat. The mainsheet trimmer is optimally positioned directly in front of the wheels. There is enough space behind the helmsman for a tactician or a guest to be hiking, or even sitting with legs inboard.

Keel – The powerful hull form allows a lead Fin without bulb yet while retaining competitiveness upwind and reaching. The reduction in wetted surface area and rating associated with the fin keel configuration allows the powerful hull form to be competitive in light winds.

Rudder – A generously sized spade rudder uses high-lift sections that were originally developed for match racing AC boats and is supported by a custom manufactured rudder stock, engineered well in excess of ISO requirements. Bearings will be needle bearings to improve the overall helming experience.

Engineering – The Sydney 37 has been engineered to meet ISO standards to category A and will be very strong in the critical areas, while the tried and tested Sydney Yachts build techniques will give added peace of mind for owners entering the tough offshore races.



Fast, easy to handle, stable and spacious, the Sydney GTS37 serves as a comfortable cruiser, short- handed family weekender and competitive IRC racer.

The Sydney GTS37 seamlessly combines a performance orientated yacht with spacious cruising comforts, offering universal appeal to racers, couples and young families alike.

Built to satisfy the demands of today s discerning sailors, the Sydney GTS37 presents a marriage between impressive design and construction techniques to deliver a yacht that is light yet strong, easy to sail yet seriously fast, stylish yet functional, and above all else, seaworthy.

Capable of competitive racing at both club and regatta level, this 37-footer can also be easily managed when racing short-handed or when cruising. With its non- overlapping headsail for ease of tacking and an asymmetrical spinnaker, the Sydney GTS37 can be sailed to its full potential without the need for a large and experienced crew. Its low vertical centre of gravity coupled with its generous sail area to displacement provides exceptional stability, thereby rewarding its owner with superior handling and performance.

With accommodation for up to six guests, the Sydney GTS37 has a surprising amount of room. Above deck, the large open transom cockpit provides ease of movement and comfort whether racing, cruising or entertaining, while below deck its roomy interior is contemporary by design and easy to maintain. Large coach house windows provide an abundance of natural light and a greater feeling of size.

Designed to exceed your expectations in terms of performance, ease of handling, safety and comfort, the Sydney GTS37 establishes a new benchmark for yachts of this size in the world.


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