Baltic Sprint Cup 2012

Fler race att ha koll på. Baltic Sprint Cup.

Dear sailors and offshore racing fans,

Preparatory Trip: The office is buzzing as the Baltic Sprint Cup Team is preparing for a trip next week to this year’s stop-over ports. Event Director Henning Rocholl will be meeting up with the regatta’s local patrons and long time supporters who eagerly await the re-launch of the Baltic sprint Cup series.

“Mr Baltic One”, Race Director Alan Green, will be inspecting the ports to ensure they are ready for the fleet. He will also be plotting the parades of sail and taking notes on possible start courses or finishing lines.

Checking up on the preparations for the sailors on shore will be the latest addition to the Baltic Sprint Cup Team, Marketing Director Arne Hirsch, who is joining the experienced duo to make sure the prize giving parties and the big final showdown at Klaipėda are going to provide for the participants and their guests the same experience that has been established as the Baltic Sprint Cup spirit over the last five editions.

J/111 Piranha
Christian Rönsch was one of the first and registered brand new SY “Piranha”