NorthU Expedition Webinar

Coming up this week is the next advanced webinar module produced by North U and hosted by Peter Isler – Weather and Optimal Routing.

Expedition 22: April 3rd, 6pm – 8pm Eastern Daylight Time

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In this module Peter will focus in on two of Expedition’s most valuable and powerful tool – display of Weather and Current GRIB files and Route Optimization. This module is valuable to day racers interested in using Expedition to analyze forecasts and an absolutely essential skill for offshore racers. For distance racing effective Weather analysis and the use of the optimal routing tool is what it is all about!

Topics include
Grib files
Sources of weather info,
Best Gribs for your region,
Configuring the Weather display,
Looking at the weather on shore,
Low Bandwidth strategy – what to do if you don’t have a fast internet connection,
Pre-Race Route Optimization,
Analyzing and fine tuning your route optimization under way,
How to prepare before an offshore race – historical analysis and pre race strategy.