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  1. Leino
    Oct 9, 2013 @ 19:06

    Jag ska särskilt följa Bertrand Delesne som har rekordet för distans seglad på 24-timmar med 305 Nm. Han kom tvåa 2009, fyra 2013. Har i år en stark sponsor så jag tror hans förutsättningar är bättre än någonsinn. Men det är verkligen öppet, finns en hel hop som har chans på förstaplatsen!!


  2. Peter Gustafsson
    Oct 10, 2013 @ 21:38

    The start of the Mini Transat is postponed

    The Mini Transat will not start on Sunday
    The sailors’ safety is paramount

    Waiting for a weather window
    A deep depression that sits off the Bay of Biscay could, if the start went ahead on Sunday, hit the fleet in the worst place, to the north of Cape Finisterre. To allow the soloists to reach Lanzarote in acceptable conditions, the Race Director has consulted the competitors and made ​​his decision : the start is delayed waiting for a favorable weather window .

    Some decisions are not easy to take. While Douarnenez is still in glorious sunshine, the threat is very real as a depression is currently centered in the Atlantic, level with the Azores, which is expected to generate strong winds and seas of more than 4 meters height during the day on Tuesday, ie precisely when the fleet will prepare to round Cape Finisterre .

    Monday or Thursday
    The challenge will now be to find a favorable weather window to send 84 singlehanders into the Bay of Biscay. Because, from the moment the decision to postpone is taken, there must be guaranteed safe conditions. An opening could come during the day on Monday, but the situation remains highly uncertain. Otherwise, there is a good chance that the fleet will have to be patient until at least until next Thursday. Given this situation, the Race Director made a proposal to start tomorrow, Friday, at 18:00. Such a decision would only be made with the unanimous agreement of all the competitors. But some did not feel ready and the proposal was immediately abandoned.

    They said :

    Denis Hughes, Race Director : “We have 84 solo sailors that we will send out on the water. There is no question of sending them in weather conditions that would not be acceptable. We had planned to bring forward the start, but in view of the preparation of some, this was not reasonable. ”

    Bertrand Nardin , President of Douarnenez Races : “We are working to try to provide a regatta course in Douarnenez Bay on Sunday. The idea is to offer an alternative to the partners and families of the competitors who had planned to be present on the day of the start … “


  3. Ulf brändström
    Oct 11, 2013 @ 01:13

    Följ Americ Belloir FRA810 som kommer att även nästa säsong ingå i Paxton teamet här i Sverige. Efter att ha haft ett mellanår 2013 satsar vi på att köra samtliga No-crew seglingar på ostkusten 2014 med Pacer27an Paxton.


    • JIMMY
      Oct 21, 2013 @ 21:11

      Perfa, Paxton vs Airbender, det blir kul! :)


  4. Ulf brändström
    Oct 11, 2013 @ 01:15


    • Anders B
      Oct 11, 2013 @ 09:10

      På hemsidan finns en presentation av alla deltagare, men finns det någon bra översikt över deltagande båtar? Utan att jag ska behöva gå in på varje seglare och se vad det är för båt dom seglar?


      • Stefan G
        Oct 11, 2013 @ 10:48

        Jag är också nyfiken på båtarna, framförallt i protoklassen. Nr 747 med scowfören är med igen, men övriga båtar verkar ha vanlig för, inget som satt sig alltså trots succén. Finns det några andra uppseendeväckande båtar? Nån som har koll? Det är ju här det händer först ofta…


  5. Erik Barkefors
    Oct 11, 2013 @ 11:12

    Kul att det nu finns två nya fabrikat/modeller av Seriesbåtar med; Argo 650 och RG 650.
    Team Work sponsrar en Nacira series trots framgånegn med Team Work Evolution förra gången.
    Pogo hinner inte ut med nya 3:an ens som Proto pga kvalificeringskravet.
    När det gäller skeppare och båtar kan man öppna de här två i separata förnster:
    kolla att det är valt “no matter” och klicka se på Search-knappen.


  6. Peter Gustafsson
    Oct 21, 2013 @ 19:15

    Fortfarande i vänteläge. Svampplockning och promenader…

    Mini Transat : start postponed
    Awaiting a turning point

    Success for the Mini Transat Race Village
    Prologue and parade have delighted audiences
    Still no weather window opening to cross the Bay of Biscay

    On Monday morning, a number of the competitors have returned to the village of the Mini Transat to watch over their boats and learn about the general mood of the race … A small minority chose to remain on site over the weekend, dividing their time between tourist visits around the area and physical activity to maintain their fitness.

    Douarnenez Courses has taken advantage of this waiting time to review the activities of the ten days before the theoretical start date of October 13. It is estimated that more than 25,000 visitors came to the village to honour the competitors, the event partners and the Mini Class, there were over thirty exhibitors on the 3000 m2 site, and the installation of the Mini Transat in Port Rhu has been declared a success. To this must be added the interest aroused by the exhibition organised within the Port Musée, the strong mobilisation of volunteers and all the primary school classes that came to the village to visit the sailors as part of Operation Label Bleue.

    Killing time
    It is now a week since the Mini fleet began to pace the docks of Port Rhu. Overall, the sailors are coping well and are in good heart despite being faced with exceptional weather conditions. To stay in the game, many competitors have not hesitated to take up various physical exercises such as jogging and stretching; anything to keep themselves in good shape. Others took the opportunity to finish a few things. Aboard Pas de Futur sans Numérique, Ian Lipinski took delivery of some additional electronic equipment that he has been able to add to his instrument panel. This is also the time for fairing: compressed air bottles are shared and the sandpaper is at the ready, the aim being to remain mobilised without consuming too much energy.

    Door closed at Cape Finisterre
    The days go by and everyone looks to the Bay of Biscay. The entire fleet is watching for the winds to switch to the west or northwest. But the center of the low pressure remains positioned to the south and this is generating very strong southwest winds from the tip of Spain to the tip of Galicia. Yesterday evening, the files suggested a possible way out for next weekend, but the latest forecasts do not encourage optimism. Competitors still in Douarnenez can at least happily rely on the solidarity of the people and the Cornouaillais traders. For example sailors with no where to stay were spontaneously offered free homestays with local residents, and those who spend their morning in the race center waiting for news can at least enjoy free croissants kindly provided by a baker in the city. Several companies have also offered tours and tastings of local produce. It is these little touches that are part of the seduction of the Douarnenez venue. Now all everyone can do is wait for the next weather files, knowing that the situation may change rapidly, given the instability of this type of weather phenomena. For now, Code Red still prevails.

    They said :
    David Genest (
    “We enjoy the small activities offered by Douarnenez Courses, and we like to go walking. The other day, we went diving just off the Pointe du Raz . In any case, one is better off here than if we were at sea and a fortnight stopover in Douarnenez is really not so bad, there is so much to discover in the area. In the evenings we put the world to rights, it was even suggested that one day the Mini will start from the Mediterranean!”

    Ian Lipinski (Pas de Futur sans Numérique)
    “I stayed in Douarnenez. I did not want to leave the atmosphere of the race. My girlfriend came to spend a few days … Then we occupied ourselves picking mushrooms (except that I do not know the good places around here), doing some sport, fairing the boats. I think the decision is good. Just think what it would be like if we were at sea now. So, we wait, and we savor the situation as best we can … “


  7. Peter Gustafsson
    Oct 28, 2013 @ 22:31

    Mini Transat – Start Confirmed for Tuesday 29 October
    From Finistere to Finisterre

    The start of the Mini Transat is confirmed for Tuesday 29 October at 09.00
    Competitors balance wanting to start and legitimate caution
    A passage around Cape Finisterre is always difficult to negotiate

    It’s on … The weather will finally allow the fleet of 84 Minis to leave the shores of Brittany. Although the crossing of the Bay of Biscay should be completed safely, the passage around Cape Finisterre could be tricky for the final competitors. However, it by far the best conditions for the past two weeks.

    They are torn. On the one hand, they all want to escape from Douarnenez despite the quality of the welcome of the Cornouaillais port and its inhabitants . But at the same time, the road ahead is not going to be a bed of roses. The main obstacle on the way to Lanzarote, is in the vicinity of Cape Finisterre, as their arrival there may coincide with a strengthening in the wind of up to 30 knots. Conditions that will be far from comfortable, but that should not be an insurmountable obstacle for the fleet of Minis. However, Denis Hughes, the Race Director, reminded everyone during the weather briefing on Monday night, that each competitor has the right to stop for 48 hours in a port of his choice, as stated in the sailing instructions.

    To cross the Bay of Biscay, the fleet is expected to start in a regime of northwesterly which will quickly die down before moving into a westerly dominant sector. Friday night to Saturday should be more difficult to negotiate for the Ministes who are still in the vicinity of Cape Finisterre in a regime of strong southwesterlies. But the winds will turn quickly to the north-west and then should gradually ease off on the run into the Canaries. More difficult to handle is news that came in today, namely the loss of 15 “boxes” from a container ship between Cape Finisterre and Ushant. The Race Director is in contact with the the Maritime Authorities in order to clarify the positition of the containers and communicate this to the competitors.

    Timing of Departure:
    – 6:30 start check in and deposit of cell phones
    – 7:00 to 8:00 depart from the pontoons in Tréboul
    – 9:00 Warning signal for the Douarnenez to Lanzarote leg.
    – The starting line will be set before l’île Tristan and will be visible from the pier Tréboul .

    How to follow the first hours of the race:
    – On social networks : Twitter and Facebook
    – Twitter : @MiniTransa2013 and #MiniTransat
    – Facebook : Mini Transat
    – During the first ten miles of the race, the position chart will be updated every ten minutes.
    – On the home page of the site, watch the passage through the Raz de Sein using the Sémaphore webcam of the Pointe du Raz .


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