Farr 30 avsäger sig World Sailing one design-status?

Någon som har koll på vad den svenska fleeten vill?

Det verkar vara svårt att hitta någon som driver det svenska förbundet? Ett tag fanns en röreelse för att migrera till HP30 genom att sätta på peke, men de som var drivande finns nu i andra klasser.

Dear Class Members

2017 has come and gone and the 2018 season is quickly approaching. Over the last year we only managed to host one class OD event: Canadian Nationals. As we look to the future of the class the council has determined that the likely event of our fleets being able to host another world’s event is unlikely. Our 2016 international regatta in Sweden came as close as we have come to qualifying in the last 5 years. Given that we have mostly transformed into a regional fleet class the executive has taken the decision to no long support the class as a World Sailing one design yacht. This has been a difficult decision however we feel that supporting this classification is no longer financially viable and for reasons noted is likely to not produce another world championships in the foreseeable future.

The council has reduced class fees three times over the last 5 years and continues to only see membership support at the class sanctioned events. These events have seen 100% of the membership fee go back to the event in the form of a class sponsorship to support the implementation of the class rules. Over the last three years we have made minor modifications to the rules to allow the removal of the stove, cushions, and toilet during class racing and we will continue to look to the fleet for recommendations on further modifications that we can find consensus from the fleet on.

Looking at the 2018 season, we are finalizing/supporting three OD events: North American Championships, European Championships, and Canadian Nationals. These three class sanctioned events will continue to follow the full class rules as they stand with the modifications noted above. The class will continue to financially support these events until we have exhausted the class resources.

Out of the 200 plus boats built we have a small cluster of fleets on the north west and north east coasts of North America, Northern Europe, and the Middle East. These fleets continue to hold one design fleet racing though out the season and have seem some fleet building over the last two years. The longevity of this class is a testament to how great the Farr 30 is as mixed fleet boats. Many new sport boats have come and gone over the years and most have not been able to match the boat for boat agility of the Farr 30.

In the next few weeks we will be posting the dates and locations of the 2018 OD events on the web site along with results updates and any other news the fleet would like to share. Please use this as a resource for your own local fleet racing and send any other posting along to be shared with the class.


Darren Burns
Class President