Sports boats at Marstrand Big Boat Race?

Last year we tried running a special sports boat class at Marstrand Big Boat Race (this year it’s May 29-31).

A sports boat class. To attract many of the sportier boats around Scandinavia, we’ll facilitate a separate class and start for boats with max 10 meter LOA, gennaker on centerline sprit, and defined as Racer/Sport (R/S) by SRS. The lower limit is still SRS >1.000. We look forward to 20-30 boats battling it out for the first “Scandinavian sports boat champion” :-)

Typical boats are Melges 24/32, FarEast 28R (the Swedish class have committed to come), Farr 280, Farr 30 with sprit, Pauger 30, T780, Shaw 9, Elliott 9SS, GP26 and similar…

The Fareast 28R class committed and showed up, but we were hoping for a bigger and more diverse fleet. If we can get around 20 boats it would be worth the effort to run a third start.

So the question is, can we can get more boats in May?

There should be a number of sport boats in the region that don’t get enough OD opportunities?

Results 2019
1 Fareast 28r SWE 316 Pär Svärdson 1.081 6.0
2 Fareast 28r Drake SWE 117 Andreas Emmoth 1.081 10.0
3 Aarchambault Grand Surprise Rebellion SWE 6830 Carl Fjällman 1.041 13.5
4 Fareast 28r Westeros SWE 265 Olle Langenius 1.08114.0
5 J/88 SWE 79881 Jonas Dyberg 1.034 15.5
6 Fareast 28r Nemo R SWE 20 Hans Broman 1.08119.0
7 Fareast 28r Vinda SWE 34 Martin Alvefjord 1.081 21.0
8 Fareast 28r Röde Orm SWE 88 Göran Wiking 1.079 27.0
9 Cheetah 30 Cheetah SWE 1 Mikael Vesala 1.102 35.0
10 Fareast 28r GKSS racing team SWE Fritiof Hedström 1.081 41.0
11 Fareast 28r CLC Housing SWE 405 Marcus H:son Lindfors 1.081 42.0
12 Fareast 28r SAM ´76 SWE 257 Mats Runström 1.081 43.0
13 Fareast 28r Take Off Too SWE 26 Jörgen Wennberg 1.081 46.0