Sweet… Eco Beach Cat

Kul projekt, och ännu roligare att man försöker driva innovation i “The Young Naval Creators” – TYNC (mer om dem här). Många kul designer…

Bakom TYNC finns bland andra Jeroen Wats, mest känd som eldsjälen bakom X-treme 26. 32 och 37

About us: TYNC stands for The Young Naval Creators, leveraging a younger generation of naval architects, who have fresh eyes, no preconceptions and who also want to challenge the status quo of sustainability.

This 33 ft catamaran has been developed for eco tourism and chartering.

The catamaran will be constructed, using sustainable and recycled materials. Materials that can be separated after the boat’s lifespan and up-cycled into something new without impacting the environment.

Powered by solar panels and able to hydro-generate, our zero-emission design doesn’t only look slick, we see it as the future of green boating.

Vessel characteristics:
• Single handed capacities
• ISO and CE B category approved
• Can host 12 crew members
• Container transportable
• Eco composites. (The composite components can be separated after the yacht’s lifespan and recycled into something new)
• Serial production building schemes for cost price reduction
• Zero emission electric propulsion with folding prop and hydrogen battery charge