Silva släpper NXR & NX


(METS 2006) Making its world debut at METS 2006 is the grand prix instrumentation system from Nexus Marine; the NXR.

Unashamedly aimed at the international racing circuit and superyacht sector, the NXR is designed to act as the central nervous system on the most sophisticated sailing boats.

Designed around the central principles of being flexible, customisable and straightforward to use, the system is capable of collecting and processing data from transducers, load sensors, tactical software programs, GPS chartplotters, PC inputs and more, and then relaying both that information and a wide variety of tactical and predictive analysis to the helmsman, afterguard and crew in the combination and format of the individual’s choice.

The heart of the system is the powerful Nexus network which enables the processing of large amounts of acquired data and its presentation when and where it is required in real-time. New Multi-Control Displays allows users to choose their own preferred display combinations and parameters, while the all-new XLR mast displays keep the entire crew locked on to those all-important performance indicators.

The XLR mast displays are the result of extensive market research, with the 63.5mm digits judged the ideal size for clear yet unobtrusive viewing. The rugged, waterproof casings are built to take whatever the ocean throws at them, and the choice of red or green backlighting for night-time viewing enables tired eyes to instantly pick out critical data.

NXR is designed for easy ‘plug and play’ installation and is compatible with a wide range of tactical software packages. The range of data collected and analysed by the NXR has to be experienced to be believed, but the integral NX Race software provides tacticians with a host of analytical options based on prevailing conditions and boat performance parameters, continuously updated as new information flows in from transducers, tidal and current databases, digitised polars, and much more.

With the Nexus NXR, seeing is believing! Contact Nexus head office or your nearest NXR specialist dealer for an on-the-water demonstration.


(METS 2006) New for the 2007 season comes the NX instrumentation suite from Silva Nexus – providing high-quality, compact instrumentation for the cruising sailor using technology usually associated with high-end racing systems

These stylish and competitively priced systems – featuring wireless connection to the wind transducer -will fit the needs of a wide variety of yachtsmen. Cruising sail boats, motor boats, open day boats, even RIBs will find Nexus NX the ideal package for their needs. The system can also easily be upgraded to the Nexus NX2 racing system for those yachtsmen who subsequently wish to undertake competitive sailing.

The heart of NX is the Sea Data display (pictured above). This interfaces either directly or via a compact ‘black box’ (WSI – wireless sensor interface) with any of 43mm, 52mm or triducer (speed, depth and temperature in a single unit) transducers to display speed and depth, the two most important pieces of information for every yachtsman, on its large, high visibility screen. In addition it also displays total distance travelled and water temperature, and features deep and shallow alarms and a start timer – a level of capability unequalled by other comparable systems.

The addition of an optional wireless wind transducer – ideal for easy, cable-free installation on carbon, aluminium and wooden masts – gives instant access to true and apparent wind speeds and angles.

For those owners looking to upgrade their NX to a racing specification all that is required is to add an NX2 server. The Sea Data displays are fully compatible with the racing system, and the user simply adds more displays as required. Simple, and highly cost effective.

With very competitive pricing, the NX is a flexible and stylish instrumentation suite that offers a great deal at a reasonable price, both for cruising sailors and to those with ambitions for the future.