Sweet… CQ-6

Vad tror ni om den här då? CQ-6 från Linq Boats ser på håll ut som en typisk 6-meters racer skall göra 2009. Men här har man fått till en svängköl. Festligt!


This boat was made with one goal: To bring the most advanced sailing technologies together in a compact, well-priced performance sports boat. The CQ-6 is easy to handle with the thrill of sailing a true canting keeler. The boat planes at low wind speeds. The design is extreme but the boat is very stable due to its wide and powerful hull shape.


5.81 x 2.27 x 1.66 m
450 kg varav köl 200 kg +/- 45 deg
Stor 21.2 + fock 8.3 + gennaker 51 m²

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