Sweet… Bakewell-White 36 General Lee

Här har vi en extrasweet båt från en av mina favoritdesigners, Brett Bakewell-White – nya 36-fotaren General Lee. Foton: Ivor Wilkins – Offshore Images.

1003_BW 11 - Study Plan - Sail Plan.jpg

Värt att notera…

  • Ryktet säger att man är minsta båten i världen med en winschpidestal. Kanon för att trimma stora gennakers över flera dygn.
  • Rattar vs rorkult. Rattar är bättre på långa hårda undanvindar då “rorsman blir bortsköljd när han sitter på däck”. Dessutom är det lättare att ta sig bak i bussen där man behöver stå när det brallar.
  • Fällbar mast för att komma under bron i hemmahamnen.
  • Infällbar propeller.
  • Båge på akterspegeln för mantåg och antenner, och för att ge plats för ett riktigt nödroder som har färdiga fästen på akterspegeln.

Hårda killar som vet vad de vill ha!


Här finns en bra rapport från första “shake out”-racet, 1000 distans till Fiji (pdf).

Båten diskuteras flitigt både på Sailing Anarchy (där folk tycker att målningen är rasistisk och så klart på crew.org.nz.

1003_BW 11 - Study Plan - GA.jpg

LOA 11.30m
DWL 10.00m
BMax 3.60m
Draft 2.65m
Displacement 3585 kg
Sail Area 84 m2

#1 light headsail
#1 heavy headsail
#3 Blade
#4 blade
Jib top reacher
Genoa staysail on furler.
Masthead Code Zero to end of bowsprit
A1 Gennaker – reaching
A2 Gennaker – running
A3 Gennaker – reaching
A4 Gennaker – running
Fractional Gennaker
Gennaker staysail on furler

Biggest Gennaker is 145.5sq.m

The original brief was for a fun twilight racer for Perth’s Swan River – a mini TP52. The first boat ‘Al Fresco’ is an inshore boat that occasionally races in coastal and offshore. The majority of sailing is corporate and casual sailing with a few experienced sailors and mostly novice passengers.

The sailing is all about a large open cockpit, the twin wheels allows easy movement through the boat and the predominant weather means sitting around on deck after racing so the interior is of minor importance. In order to get out of the river to the ocean at Fremantle the boat have to pass beneath a fixed bridge and so the yachts all have a method of lowering the mast and for this reason the mast is deck stepped and can be lowered and raised again within a few minutes.

‘General Lee’ is an offshore oriented version of the boat and as a result is slightly heavier. She has more interior facilities, electronics, and a more robust deck package including a pedestal driving the primary winches to ensure high line speed when handling the gennakers.

Critical to the performance of the boat is weight control and the resultant horsepower. The yacht is not drastically lightweight, but the weight is in the right place. The keel weighs 2100kg. Construction is carbon/foam wet laminated over a male plug using epoxy resin.

The hull form was developed to produce a boat that is a good all around performer and whilst quick downwind this boats real strength is upwind. To achieve this we have spent time ensuring a well balanced volume distribution, a good ballast ratio and the use of moderate foils that are tolerant and have enough area. The hull is not chined largely because the original client considered them ugly, and as the emphasis was not reaching and running we did not feel they were a necessity beyond being a current fashion accessory.

The issue of rating was not to influence the design too much other than´minimizing any extreme features that would adversely affect the IRC rating for the boat. Fun was always the first priority and corrected time results a nice bonus. Al Fresco has scored some good IRC results and finished 2nd in the West Australian season IRC championship, and General Lee has recently finished 2nd IRC in the 1200nm Auckland to Fiji race in her first outing.