Anemomind blir open source

Jag sprang på AnemomindMETS 2015. De hade skrivit mjukvara och byggt burkar för att samla data från segling som bearbetades i molnet och sedan kunde hanteras av an app. Snyggt tänkt, även om detta är en liten marknad full med entusiaster (ex SailMon, Racegeek, Vakaros och några till).

Nu har man fastnat lite i kommersialiseringen, och bestämt sig för att dela med sigh av koden.

Här (GitHub) kanske det kan finnas något intressant för er som är lite tekniskt lagda?

Kan det bli en liten community kring detta, så kanske man hittar en väg framåt.

Dear sailors,

Despite this pandemia period, I allow myself to contact you in the name of the Anemomind team.

After more than 5 years of Anemomind activities, we reached an important step. Our sales did not allow us to improve our products as expected nor to fund new developments. However, our tools are still being used and we decided to transform our commercial adventure into a community one.

A first and important step in that direction is the opening of our source code, the majority of which is henceforth available here. 

You can easily deploy a clone of our web platform Anemolab on your computer. The Anemobox firmware is also on Github. Our iOS app, Anemomind Connect, will follow soon.

The second step depends on you! Do you want to further use Anemomind products? What kind of evolution would you like for them? How could you participate?

If there is enough interest, we may create an association.

Please note that existing Anemomind clients will be able to use our services at least until 2020. At the moment, Anemolab services are guaranteed.

Do not hesitate to reply to this message to tell us about your reaction, your wishes or propositions.

Kind regards,
Julien Pilet, for the Anemomind team.