Dehler fokuserar på mindre båtar?

Senaste från Tyskland…

´Dehler Yachts finally under the roof of HanseYachts AG
Monday, 29 June 2009

The contract negotiations for acquiring the “Dehler” brand as well as the necessary assets at Freienohl (Nordrhein-Westfalen) have been successfully concluded.

With acquiring Dehler assets by HanseYachts AG one of the most traditional and innovative German Yacht builders could be saved, as well as a multiplicity of the jobs.

The yard was founded in 1963 by the brothers Willi and Heinz Dehler. They started building the small dinghy Pfeil-S. At the production-rumour they sold about 400 of them. Later Willi Dehler developed the successful keel-centre boarder “Varianta” with a removable cabin roof. He sold more than 4,250 of them. Earlier than other boat builders Dehler recognized the importance of GRP-plastic and high quality materials in series production of boats and yachts. It was the beginning of a very successful company history.

As an independent brand Dehler will now be integrated under the roof of HanseYachts AG at Greifswald (Hanse, Fjord, Moody).

HanseYachts AG will start the production at Dehler in Freienohl contemporary. The focus in the future of Dehler-line will be small to medium sized modern coastal cruisers between 18 and 34 feet (5,50 to 10,50 meters).

Out of the present Dehler models the successful performance cruiser Dehler 34 (Design Simonis/Voogd) and Dehler 39 (Design Judel/Vrolijk & Co) will be produced as well in the plant in Freienohl. The production of bigger yachts as the Simonis/Voogd-Designs Dehler 44 and 60 will be removed due to limited capacities to the HanseYachts plant in Greifswald.

New Managing Director of Dehler Yachts will be Ralf Tapken, 47. He is well known as a former distribution-manager of Danish Yard X-Yachts and German equipment-supplier Simrad.

Update: snacket på bryggan säger följande:
– Det kommer nya lite, mindre modeller (enligt ovan)
– Dehler 29 kommer att få ett facelift
– Dehler 34 S/V kommer troligvis att få heta Dehler 35
– Dehler 45 (Judel/Vrolijk) efter sommaren?
– Dehler 40 finns på ritbordet…

Men så klart bara rykten ;-)